Monday, July 8, 2013

Project Overview

A 13,000 sf visitor’s center to replace the existing skywalk in the Eagle’s Point region of the Grand Canyon. The project was part of a comprehensive studio where students worked in groups of three to bring the design to a level of completion that included detail drawings, material specifications, and structural and mechanical components.  Our structural design implements a tensile cable net structure which was particularly challenging.  Optimizing the design required multiple study models and iterative testing in physics-based digital simulation tools.  We also consulted with professional engineers at Arup to ensure our project's structural integrity.

Building enclosure: 
Digital Modeling in Rhino and Maya
Physical Model 3D printed

Tensile Net: 
Form Finding and Structural Optimization in Kangaroo for Rhino
Parametric Scripting with Grasshopper for Rhino
Physical Model Hand Sewn

Rendering in V-ray for Rhino

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Final Model and Construction Drawings

Physical Model 3D printed; Hand Sewn Cable Net

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